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A Peak Inside My Counselling Style

Today I want to share a little bit of who I am and even though it is out of my comfort zone to put myself and my feelings out there for the world to see; here goes.

Please read the following knowing the intention behind it is of caring and concern.

P.S. there is rarely a time I use the word “I” in a counselling session

I am a counselor.

I want what is best for you.

I am caring and compassionate.

I see your innocence and know you are doing the best you can with the resources you have and under the circumstances you are living.

I have listened to you, held the space for you to tell your story.

I feel your pain.

I have attempted to provide you with the best support I can give.

I am hopeful you can make some changes in your thinking; optimistic your feelings and behaviors will change for the/your better as a result.

I see past the behavior that makes you call yourself all those terrible names.

I see your strengths.

I see your potential.

I see the best in you when you cannot.

I am human, and today I am afraid – for you, for my friends, my family, my coworkers, for the front line workers and for myself.

It is understandable and admirable that some of you are out on the front line, providing truly essential services. Services that involve keeping all of us safe, healthy, fed, medicated and alive and providing care for those who are unwell. I cannot even begin to imagine the stress you are feeling and am sincerely grateful and appreciative for you and for the services you are providing. I am awe of your courage and selflessness in this time of need.

I know we can join together and get through this time and I am trusting we will all to do our part. We can all choose to act admirably during this unprecedented time. What do you know to be your part in keeping yourself and people you care about safe and healthy? We have all been asked to practice social distancing and to stay home whenever possible. Are you willing to stay home to stay safe? My hope is that you will take care, stay safe and call if you want to talk 306 634-7234.

Alana Clow, BSc. Psych, CFLC



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