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The Fall Frenzy

It's been two weeks since the carefree days of summer ended and you're already longing for summer to return. The fall frenzy is in full swing. Establishing morning routines are challenging however, routines can ease the morning chaos. Children often reflect your mood and if the morning is stressful for you, your child will feel that same stress and act out accordingly.

Remember it takes time for everyone to get used to a new routine so give yourself a good solid month of routine changes to see if it will make a difference in your life. Here are some tips for making your mornings more manageable.

Lunches: pack lunches the night before. Make this a family affair by laying out a variety of choices for your child and let them pick what they want in their lunch kit. Set a time that this happens every night and stick to it!

School Clothes: lay out their school outfit the night before so when your child rolls out of bed they jump directly into their school clothes.

Bedtime: cut off the screen time at least half hour before bed and establish a bedtime routine. Remember kids have just had a summer bedtime routine and it will take time to change their sleep habits. You may want to allow reading or drawing in bed for half hour before lights go out or for the half hour after they get into bed.

Lists: Make a morning chore list for your child; children are visual learners and lists can really help them focus. This will vary with every household. Brush teeth, comb hair, get dressed, eat breakfast, put lunch in backpack etc...

Coffee: get a coffee pot with a timer and set it the night before. Waking up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee will make anyone smile.

Pizza: After a long day filled with chaos, when everyone seems stressed, overtired and down right miserable, step back take a big breath and order pizza. Pizza makes everyone happy one slice at a time.

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