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The Estevan Early Years Family Resource Centre main core programming is ongoing and we offer a variety of programs throughout the year. All programs and services are free of charge to the public.  We have no memberships or user fees.  All families are welcome and encouraged to utilize the facility.


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Our indoor play space is designed to encourage imaginative play, building, gross motor, fine motor and social skills.

The Drop in & Play is open 5 days a week; 

Monday - Friday  - 9- 11.30am & 1.30-4pm.

The Drop In & Play is free for anyone to access. Registration is not required, but due to Covid restrictions as of Feb 1st 2022 we are allowed a maximum of 25 people in the centre at one time.

The Family Centre is highly involved with other community organisations to bring quality workshops, programs and events to the community.  Please keep an eye on our newletters and Facebook page to see what events are happening each month!




The Family Centre has a resource library with materials on parenting, pregnancy, abuse, childhood disorders, and behaviour issues as well as many other brochures, pamphlets and handouts on various topics in the family life cycle. Our staff are always willing to help source out what you might be looking for, and are happy to provide information and advice.

The Estevan Early Years Family Resource Centre provides emergency infant supplies such as diapers, wipes and baby formula to families in need. You can give us a call or stop by and we will be happy to assist you.


We offer a wide variety of programs to enhance language, literacy and numeracy skills as well as art, music, dance and play! Programs range from weekly art, baby classes and pop up programs. Our sessional programs are rotated throughout the year to capture the wide scope of 0-5yrs development.

*Some may require registration.

Don't forget to download the most recent guide to find out which ones are running currently that you can attend now! 

  • Infant Massage
  • Breast Feeding Support Group
  • Intellidance® Programs
  • Kids Yoga
  • High Energy
  • Messy Play
  • Sensory Play
  • StoryTime and Craft
  • Baby & Me
  • Dramatic Play
  • Mental Health & Wellness Workshops
  • The Mama Coach workshops
  • Pop-Up Playgroup Program
  • ECIP Referrals and Resources
  • Mom & Baby Yoga
  • Little Learners Early Literacy Program

Staff are available and on-site to weigh and measure your child(ren) and to answer any questions that you may have regarding their growth and development.  Everyone is welcome to come, there is no registration required for this service.


As we move through the pandemic, we will soon be offering our seminars and informal sessions on different topics which provide information and support on issues related to parenting and developmental issues in early childhood. Here at the Family Centre we have created a comfortable space where caregivers and children can express their thoughts and feelings in a non judgemental environment. Our staff are always there to listen and support.


The Estevan Early Years Family Resource Centre staff provides support services and assistance to children, youth, adults, seniors; no individual or situation is turned away. Visit the Support page for more information. 

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The Estevan Family Resource Centre provides referrals to many agencies within Estevan, Weyburn, Regina, as well as other provinces and states when needed. Referrals are made based on individual client needs and circumstances. Assistance with connections is always provided. You are not alone. 

Infant Massage: 0-12 months. A local Massage Therapist teaches the art of massage to parents of infants.  Bring your baby, a blanket, comfy clothes and edible oil. This is usually done as part of our Baby & Me program or other related baby session.

Breast Feeding Support Group: New Mothers and expectant Mothers meet to share with others to share the joys and challenges of breastfeeding.  A facilitator is in attendance to answer any questions that you have. This program is currently virtual and you can connect by clicking here

Intellidance® Programs:  Intellidance® is a playful and creative approach to movement edu­cation in the early years. With little ones moving and grooving, the programs support holistic growth through physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development! Come learn how dance, music, and play can nurture early childhood development while strengthening your bond with your child! We currently offer the Babies and Tots programs. For more information click here.

Gym Babies: 0-6 months. This is an interactive playgroup for caregivers and their infants.  Each activity can help your baby develop physical, emotional, social and cognitive skills. This is a six week program which takes place 2-3 times a year.

Wiggles ‘N’ Giggles: 1-2yrs.  This is an interactive playgroup for caregivers and their growing, moving babies!  Each activity can help your baby develop physical, emotional, social and cognitive skills. Always includes some tumble mat and music prop play!

Family Art:  Throughout the year we offer many opportunities for Family arts and crafts sessions. There are many themes and holidays in the year and we try to incorporate art into that. Our monthly newsletter and Facebook page will keep you to date on what art is happening every month!

Sensory Play: 1+.  Children and caregivers get ready to explore your senses!  Water table, play pellets, sand, listening centre, ball pit and much more. Sensory Play is currently one of many activities lined up for our Family Fun Wednesday! Stay updated on Facebook!


Story Time and Craft:  Join us weekly to read a story and complete a book-related craft. This is a drop in program offered when the centre has a number of people attending.

Rhyme Time:  A fun time for parents/caregivers of children from 1-3 years to learn rhymes and share stories together.  This is a time for child/caregiver to interact with each other and connect with other families.

Baby & Me: Join us weekly for an informal gathering for caregivers and babies. Come chill out, chat, laugh, cry and share the emotional rollercoaster! Ideal time to connect with others. As guidelines reduce, we will be offering special guest speakers and facilitators during this time.

Tickle Trunk Time: 3-5yrs. Children instinctively "play" at life using their imaginations and pretending.  This is a dramatic playtime that will use stories, games, role playing, drama and puppetry. 

Mental Health & Wellness Workshops: 

We have collaborated with the Mental Health Estevan clinic to provide workshops and talks on a variety of topics including Mother's Mental Health.

The Mama Coach:

We are excited to have registered nurse and Mama Coach facilitator, Ashleigh Dzuba, as part of our ongoing workshops and programming for caregivers of babies, infants and young children. Some of our workshops include Infant CPR/ Choking, Introduction to Solids and Baby Sleep. We also provide Pre Natal classes in an informal setting. For more information please click here

Pop-Up Playgroup:

In collaboration with Regional Kids First and Holy Family School Division we are excited to bring a monthly Pop-UP playgroup designed for caregivers and 3-5 year olds to explore various different learning stations each session. We build on your childs early literacy skills, language development, numeracy skills and gross/fine motor skills.

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