The Estevan Family Resource Centre main core programming is ongoing and available at all times throughout the year. All programs and services are free of charge to the public.  We have no memberships or user fees.  All families are welcome and encouraged to utilize the facility.



An indoor play space has been established with large climbing equipment.  We also have children’s centres that encourage dramatic play, building, gross motor, fine motor, library area, arts and craft. The Drop in & Play is open 5 days a week morning and afternoon hours for anyone to come and utilise.


The Family Centre, often in partnership with other community organizations, offer workshops for parents on various topics.  Parents can give input on topics that they would like information on and ideas for skill building.  Some examples are Baby Sign Language, Share It Forward, Discipline, etc.


The Estevan Family Centre has a resource library with materials on parenting, pregnancy, abuse, childhood disorders, and behaviour issues as well as many other brochures, pamphlets and handouts on various topics in the family life cycle.  These are available for people to sign out, or in cases of brochures, to take with them.


A Positive Approach to parenting.  This approach helps you understand how your child develop, gives you specific ways to comfort, play and teach your child.  The program shows how things have a direct effect on how your child develops.



The Estevan Family Resource Centre provides emergency infant supplies such as diapers, wipes and baby formula to families in need.


Staff are available and on-site to weigh and measure your child(ren) and to answer any questions that you may have regarding their growth and development.  Everyone is welcome to come, there is no registration required for this service.


The Estevan Family Resource Centre provides access to baby food and snacks. We operate on the philosophy of “Need Some, Take Some”, “Have some, Leave Some”. Parents and caregivers can simply help themselves to the supplies if they need.

The Estevan Family Resource Centre has a family educator/crisis counsellor on staff who provides support services and assistance to children, youth, adults, seniors; no individual or situation is turned away. The counsellor utilizes a brief, solution-focused approach with the goal of the crisis being resolved within 6 sessions. If further support is required, appropriate referrals will be made and sessions continued until the referral source is able to accommodate services. Visit the counselling page for more information. 


The Estevan Family Resource Centre provides referrals to many agencies within Estevan, Weyburn, Regina, as well as other provinces and states when needed. Referrals are made based on individual client needs and circumstances. Assistance with connections is always provided. You are not alone. 

All the programs listed here have been developed by the Estevan Family Resource Centre Inc. They are offered throughout the year for six-week periods, and are rotated on a continual basis. 

Don't forget to download the most recent guide to find out which ones are running currently that you can attend now! 

  • Infant Massage
  • Breast Feeding Support Group
  • Gym Babies.
  • Wiggles ‘N’ Giggles
  • My Time with Mom
  • Art Attack
  • Scribbles & Scraps
  • Rhyme Time
  • Tickle Trunk Time
  • Romp ‘N’ Roar
  • Sensory Play
  • Pete the Cat Story Series
  • Scientific Scholars
  • Storybook Theatre
  • Leap ‘N’ Laughter
  • Mental Health & Wellness Workshops
  • Nutrition Programs

Infant Massage: 0-12 months. A local Massage Therapist teaches the art of massage to parents of infants.  Bring your baby, a blanket, comfy clothes and edible oil. 

Breast Feeding Support Group: New Mothers and expectant Mothers meet to share with others to share the joys and challenges of breastfeeding.  A facilitator is in attendance to answer any questions that you have.

Gym Babies: 0-6 months.  This is an interactive playgroup for guardians of infant children.  Each activity can help your baby develop physical, emotional, social and cognitive skills.

Wiggles ‘N’ Giggles: 7-12 months.  This is an interactive playgroup for guardians of infant children.  Each activity can help your baby develop physical, emotional, social and cognitive skills.

My Time with Mom: Participate with your child in this fun, interactive Early Learning Program. Each week we use stories, songs and fingerplays based on a theme and finish off with an age appropriate craft.

Scribbles & Scraps: Children need to create and explore without boundaries or formulas. This program provides children with supplies to make and create what they want! Glue, scissors, paper, paper rolls, pipe cleaners, and so much more to create with!

Rhyme Time:  A fun time for parents/caregivers of children from 1-3 years to learn rhymes and share stories together.  This is a time for child/caregiver to interact with each other and connect with other families.

Tickle Trunk Time: 3-5yrs. Children instinctively "play" at life using their imaginations and pretending.  This is a dramatic playtime that will use stories, games, role playing, drama and puppetry. 

Romp ‘N’ Roar: 1-3 yrs. This is an extension of the GymBabies Program. A fun filled time for children and parents to learn to channel their energy in a creative way. Exercises, games and creative movement done to music, chants and songs.

Sensory Play: 1+.  Children and caregivers get ready to explore your senses!  Water table, play pellets, sand, listening centre ball pit and much more.  

Scientific Scholars: 6-11yrs.  Kids explore the world of science through experiments.  A "hands on" fun filled hour of exciting, interesting and some really gross out kid friendly experiments. 

Storybook Theatre: Action stories told under the big top tent! There is no need to be quiet during this interactive story time. Loud shouts, laughter and giggles welcome. Stories use a mix of drama, puppets and props. Everyone joins in and participates during the telling of funny tales.

Leap ‘N’ Laughter: 4 & 5 yrs. A creative movement program specifically for pre-school age kids! Creative movement programs exercise the whole body, including the mind, not just the muscles. It creates a love of movement that should develop into a lifetime of desire for physical fitness!

Minimize Chaos: Decluttering means making decisions about what is most important to you, and letting the rest go, in order to have more freedom to live the life you want. Left with family treasures of your children, and inheritance from elderly relatives, how do you decide what to get rid of, and what to keep, so your possessions don’t hold you in the past? Learn how to “de-own” items, how to sort through mounds of “stuff” and have a more organized house and life.

Basic Budgeting Workshop: A budget acts as a “road map” that can reveal waste, align your priorities, provide structure, predicts cash flow, and can significantly reduce financial stress. You will learn to analyze past spending, understand baseline funds, see financial waste, develop a budget and learn how to allocate resources for your financial future.